The Musical

city of medicine castTransactors Improv Co. presents The Musical!, a completely spontaneous and improvised musical theater event. Nothing is scripted, nothing is prepared. The company merely solicits from the audience an objective and a title for the piece. Then Transactors employs the styles and conventions of post--World War II Broadway to create a "big show," replete with overture, show-stoppers, dance numbers, ballads, choral sections, and a rousing finish.

The Musical! is more than just music though. It is an outgrowth of long-form improv. This challenging, cutting-edge genre weaves story lines, characters, and themes together to create a unified piece. Transactors Improv began working with long-form in 1993 and debuted The Musical! in its TET series in 1999.

Audiences for The Musical! are treated to not only a highly entertaining show, but a spectacular celebration of human creativity and cooperation as the company builds a story one song at a time.

Photos by Paul Whitsitt

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