28 Public family performance, The (Kids') Halloween Show, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

This fully improvised show based on audience suggestions is all about getting spooky, silly, and Halloween-y! Come in costume (the cast will be clad in theirs) and get free candy! The content is appropriate for children (K-8), adults, and adults who act like children.

The cast includes director Anoo Tree Brod, Juliet Kaplan, and Steve Scott.


4 Public performance, The Spooky Show, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

Transactors Improv celebrates Halloween season with The Spooky Show, an all-improvised performance that focuses on eeriness, suspense, and mystery. The show is comprised of five distinct episodes, each based on audience suggestions and featuring musical accompaniment by guitarist Mario Arnez.

“This year’s show marks a departure from our recent Halloween performances in that we’re exploring spooky themes instead of satirizing spooky genres,” says company director Greg Hohn. “So we’ll delve into the odd and unexplainable, dreams, obsessions, uneasiness, and mortality. It should be good, weird fun and very different from your average improv show.”

Now in its 35th season, Transactors Improv strives to wed improvisation and theater with an emphasis on emotional reality, three-dimensional characters, compelling storylines, and physicality.

The cast for The Spooky Show includes Anoo Brod, Greg Hohn, Bart Hubbard, Juliet Kaplan, Steve Scott, Steven Warnock, and Jane Allen Wilson. Jenn Evans handles technical effects.


15 Public performance, Holiday Extravaganza, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

31 Public performance, First Night Raleigh, (three evening shows, times TBA). Buy tickets!


13 Public family performance, Transactors Improv for Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

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